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A Symphony of Relaxation and Rejuvenation

Lilies Toil Not inspires one to create their truth while experiencing Healing, Peace, and Strength.

Our Medical Spa is Whole Person Centered and reflective of spiritual growth through the journey of self-care.  Are you ready to become an Empowered New You? We offer well known and trending treatments in the cosmetics Industry such as:  Weight Loss Consults, Weight Loss Prescriptions, Body Contouring, BTL EmSculpt, Laser Treatments, Skin Care Treatments, Removal of Tags, Polyps, and Warts from the Skin, Cosmetic Injectables and Fillers, Massage Therapy, and Hair Removal Via Waxing and So Much More!



Where Tension Fades, Wellness Begins

Relaxing and Rejuvenating Massage (50 minutes)

Looking for a classic combination of Relaxation and Rejuvenation?  Lilies offers multiple options.  Come and enjoy the stylishly chic and cozy décor with a grand “Touch of Grace”- whisking you away to choose one of the following options:

Swedish Massage

$69.99 members / $79.99 nonmembers

Whole body Swedish Massage provides you with comforting relaxation therapy.  This process involves kneading, long strokes, circular motions, and passive joint movements.  This gentle technique provides reduces tension in lower back, neck, and shoulders.  A major benefit includes directional stroking that flows toward the heart improving heart circulation.  

Signature Lilies Massage


Lilies’ Signature Massage is inspired by the Aromatic Lavender Flower. This plant is of the mint family and is proven to be one of medicinal value.  Lavender is known holistically to produce active agents that decrease migraine headache pain, lowers chemotherapy side effects and bring a natural calm to anxiety. Your expert will apply lavender oil to perform a full body rejuvenating massage that will provide relaxation as well as replenishment.  

Hot Stone Massage

$110 members / $129.99 nonmembers

Ayerveda is a 5,000-year-old Indian Holistic Tradition that makes use of heated stones combined with massage therapy.  The smooth flat stones (sanitized and heated in a controlled environment) can be placed on multiple parts of the body- but most popularly the spine.  Heated stone provides a deeper penetration making tense and restricted muscles easier to manipulate by hand pressed or stone rolling massaging.

Massage Add Ons:

Pricing below

Lilies MediSpa provides extraordinary massages, but if you would like to enhance your massage therapy experience, you can purchase add-on oils or prescription grade pain relieving medicines.  Be sure to ask your Lilies Expert!

Bio-freeze (Medical Grade) -$15.99
Essential Oils -$15.99
CBD Oil -$15.99

Therapeutic Medical Massage (50 minutes)

Lilies is a Physician owned and Supervised MediSpa, and because we have a doctor on staff, we can provide a Massage that addresses chronic pain in combination with medical grade and prescription products. Our Signature Therapeutic Medical Massages are for Lilies patrons that suffer from past and present occupational injuries, sports injuries, migraines, pinched nerves and the list goes on!  Be sure to inquire with a Lilies Team Member for Recommendations!


Laser Treatments

Empowering Radiance: Laser Solutions Tailored to You

Laser Hair Reduction

Pigmented Skin Lesion Removal


Skin Care


Lilies has Facial Products curated by your skin expert!

Skin Medica

Are you in need of Anti-Aging Serum, Hydration or Skin Brightening?  This Award-Winning Skin Care offers a plethora of Age Defining Skin Care Products.  Ask our Lilies Skin Care Expert about the Skin Medica Regimen.

Skin Better

This accomplished product is the result of Expert Science and rigorous Skin Care Study.  Skin Better provides customers with comprehensive Practicality and Luxury - All in One!  Lilies believe “When we know Better, We Skin Better.”

After a facial, it’s very important to continue the home regimen recommended by your skin expert in order to maintain and improve the skin. If you need additional Skin Better products, you can order them online and get a shipment sent directly to your home.

Facials using products curated by your skin expert (Skin Better, ZO, Skin Medica)

Skin Rejuvenation / Skin Brightening 30 Minute Peels

SkinMedica Illuminize Chemical Peel  

$200 EACH

SkinMedica Rejuvenize Chemical Peel

$250 EACH


SkinMedica Vitialize Chemical Peel  

$225 EACH

Skin Better Science Peel

$275 EACH

Melasma Treatments

Perfect Derma Peel

30 min

$400 EACH

Acne Boot Camp Peels

Are you frustrated and tired of spending countless dollars on expensive gimmicks and gadgets to treat your on-going acne challenge?  If you need extra acne care Join Lilies Acne Boot Camp TODAY!  The following strength-based program tackles the root of the problem with a powerful kick - decreasing resistance and unwelcoming returns.  Explore packages of regularly scheduled chemical peels that battle bacteria, swelling and eruptions.  Ask your Lilies Expert Today!

Removal of Tags, Polyps, and Warts from the Skin

Must have a skin consult with a medical provider $99, then pricing for procedures are as follows:

Cosmetic Injectables and Fillers

If you are looking for a safe, inexpensive and non-evasive way to avoid facial surgery, check out cosmetic injectables and fillers that help turn back the hands of time.  The following list brand name treatments, FDA approved to erase the look of wrinkles, crows’ feet, and much more!  See a Lilies Expert for Recommendations!


Glam Station


From Smooth to Stunning: Glam Starts Here.

Have an event in which you’re wanting to add dimension to your overall beauty?  Or maybe you have been interested in exploring the latest services in brow and lash care…  Spread the Word! Lilies has an amazing new full-service Brow and Lash Station where you can fulfill all your practical and glamour needs.  Lilies advanced menu is inclusive of the everything about lashes and brows!  Just ask our Lilies Glama-Jama Expert!

Lashes / Brows

Lash Lift

30 mins


Brow Tint Only

15 mins


Lash Tint Only

15 mins

$ 25

Brow Lamination with Tint

45 mins

$ 90

Lash Lift and Tint

45 mins

$ 90

Brow Lamination Combo (Wax & Tint)

60 mins


Brow Lamination

30 mins


Eyelash Extension (Junior Lash Tech)

Waxing Hair Removal

 Tried, tested, and true – waxing is an ancient but effective treatment to remove unwanted hair from the body and leave skin satin smooth. We can perform waxing for any body part and leave you feeling polished and glamorous!

Small Area Waxing

Large Area Waxing

Full Arms

60 mins



45 mins


Half Back

30 mins


Full Legs

80 mins



30 mins



30 mins


Full Back

45 mins



30 mins



15 mins



30 mins


Half Arms

45 mins



30 mins



30 mins


Half Legs

45 mins



Nourish. Rejuvenate. Revitalize.

Reclaim Your Radiance – Schedule Now!

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